LabScout LIMS (lab information management system) is a powerful and versatile web-based laboratory software system. It enables seamless integration and efficient management of a modern-day lab’s complex operating processes. First pioneered and optimized by Genee Group LLP, LabScout LIMS currently boasts more than 15 functional modules, ranging from public lab web site publishing to personnel, meeting, scheduling, equipment, research protocol, research note, inventory, and document management. With LabScout LIMS, every critical piece of lab information is safely stored, sensibly processed and clearly presented to provide a centralized and user-friendly environment for lab members of different roles. There would be no more scattered-around paperwork or spreadsheets that are difficult to manage.

LabScout LIMS is tailored to small and medium-sized biological laboratories. Each laboratory’s public web site is customarily made out-of-box and fully featured. It empowers authorized users to configure, enhance and modify its content at ease. The flexible framework LabScout LIMS is built on, combined with our SaaS (Software As A Service) model, allows sophisticated customizations to be done as value-added services to our customers.

Genee works closely with strategic partners domestically and internationally. Users from prestigious academic institutes including Harvard University, New Jersey Institute of Science and Technology, Nankai University, and Nanyang Technological University fully endorse the quality of the LabScout LIMS application suite.